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Friday, October 22, 2010

Informant Fingers Genovese Mobster

Unionization in the world citation neededImage via WikipediaIn NYC reputed Genovese associate Joseph Olivieri is on trial for his alleged role in a scheme involving bribes from contractors to carpenters union officials in order to avoid their obligations under labor contracts, and yesterday on the witness stand "Joseph Rizzuto, former head of Operating Engineers Local 14, said Joseph Olivieri was a messenger who carried capo Louis Moscatiello's orders to the unions he controlled in the late 1990s" as reported by Brian Kates for the Daily News. The nine others who were indicted with Olivieri in August 2009, including ex-carpenters union boss Michael Forde, have pleaded guilty. Meanwhile, "a court-appointed watchdog hired to oversee the District Council of Carpenters" is investigating the "mountains of cash" which the union allegedly spent "on lawyers, public relations, even jewelry – all while its leaders were under indictment for looting the coffers" as reported by Brian Kates and Alison Gendar for the Daily News.
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