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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teflon Don, Teflon Son

March 1986: Newly minted boss John Gotti is acquitted of assaulting a Queens man over a parking space.
March 1987: Gotti Sr. celebrated with family after he was cleared in federal racketeering case - earning him the famous nickname, "The Teflon Don."

February 1990: More Teflon: Gotti Sr. is found not guilty in the shooting of a carpenters union official.
April 1992: The fourth time is the charm: On the strength of the testimony of mob turncoat Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano, John Gotti is convicted of racketeering and murder and sentenced to life in prison.
April 1999: Junior Gotti pleads guilty to racketeering, gets 6½-year sentence for bribing a union official, pocketing a kickback from a construction company, running gambling and loansharking rings and committing mortgage fraud and tax evasion.
September 2005: Mistrial for Junior in the 1992 kidnapping and shooting of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa after the jury deadlocks on federal racketeering charges.
March 2006: Second mistrial for Junior after another jury deadlocks on the Sliwa and racketeering case.

September 2006: Third mistrial for Junior from a third hung jury. The government opts to drop the Sliwa case, and Junior insists he is a law-abiding dad who has turned his life around.

August 2008: Junior Gotti is once again apprehended by federal agents on an indictment that includes several murder charges.



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