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Friday, November 19, 2010

Bonanno Soldier Singing To The Feds?

Vincent Gigante

Armando Rea's extended-stay Las Vegas vacation had the makings of real fun in the sun. You know how we take pride in catering to visitors, and with the real estate slump, home prices are a bargain.
Instead, Rea's journey to Southern Nevada ended with a visit from the FBI, which quietly gave him a return trip to Brooklyn, where the Bonanno crime family soldier finds himself named in a three-decade-old murder case.
Like elephants, these feds never forget. Arrested last month, Rea is charged in a federal racketeering indictment with the July 10, 1980, killing of Genovese family member Gerard Pappa, who was shotgunned as he attempted to catch a late breakfast at a Borough Park café.
Authorities allege Pappa received eggs and lead from Rea and an accomplice.
Rea, who is also charged with gambling crimes and extorting members of Teamsters Local 807 of Long Island, left Brooklyn years ago and, not surprisingly, turned up in Las Vegas. This is the flame to many mob moths.
It's not speculating much to presume his vanishing act might have been linked to the fact the feds have been working to clear up cold case murders, Pappa's death among them.
Pappa was a mentor for a number of hoodlums who grew up to make big headlines in New York, Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano among them. The Pappa hit was likely ordered by Genovese crime boss Vincent Gigante, who was said to be angered after his underling pulled an unapproved homicide. Known for wearing bathrobes in public and faking crazy, the late Gigante eventually was acquitted of murder conspiracy charges in the case.
The most intriguing question is this: Why would the feds keep so quiet about the arrest and what might Rea know about some semi-retired characters in Las Vegas?
Nabbing a mob guy in glitzy Las Vegas would have made a good story and a great photo opportunity.
Could it be that Mr. Rea is in the process of being debriefed about what he might know about other murders?



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