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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ex-Union Head Had Drug Dealer On Payroll

Michael Forde, the coke-snorting convicted former leader of New York City's 20,000-member carpenters' union, "put his personal drug dealer on the union payroll and treated him to lavish dinners and junkets" as reported by Brian Kates for the Daily News: "During his reign as head of the union, Forde was notorious for drug-fueled parties at the Hudson St. headquarters." In August 2009 the feds variously indicted Forde and nine others for their alleged roles in a scheme involving bribes by contractors to hire illegals and other non-union workers and avoid obligations under labor agreements. Last month a federal jury convicted the final defendant, reputed Genovese associate Joseph Olivieri, the former head of the Wall-Ceiling Association which is NYC's largest trade group for carpentry contractors, on a perjury charge "in a case that showed the mob's grip on construction" as reported by Brian Kates for the Daily News: "testimony painted Olivieri as the mob's go-to guy in city construction unions." Forde faces up to eleven years in prison when he is sentenced later today.
Further reporting:
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