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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hundreds Mourn Slain Montreal Mob Boss Nicolo Rizzuto

Last night hundreds paid their respects to slain Montreal Mafia patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto at an East End funeral home, and "none seemed eager to talk" as reported by Monique Muise for The Montreal Gazette: "Rizzuto's stature in the world of organized crime made for a heavy police presence outside the funeral home. * * * [O]n all sides of the building, unmarked vans sat silent and dark. In some, plainclothes officers carefully observed the scene. In others, small flashing lights betrayed the evidence of a video camera, recording the face of every person who entered or exited the building." Video Visitation hours continue through today, and tomorrow the vice purveyor and drug trafficker will be buried.
The imprisonment and murder of the top leaders of the Montreal Mafia over the last few years have left behind a lot of lonely wives as reported by Linda Gyulai for The Montreal Gazette. However, their hubbies presumably have left them enough money to console their grief as reported by Brian Daly for The Toronto Sun: "The Rizzuto crime family might be in decline, its leaders mostly dead or missing, but it's far from destitute.
Meanwhile, the press continues to excoriate the governing Liberal party in Quebec which is headed by Premier Jean Charest for stubbornly refusing to support a full-fledged public inquiry into allegations that the province's construction industry may be corrupted by the Montreal Mafia and dirty politicians, and Angelo Persichilli writes for The Star: "Canadian authorities have solid information about this activity but nobody seems interested in acting on it." Indeed, the opposition leader to the Liberal party has compared Charest to a Mafia boss as reported by The Montreal Gazette: "Action democratique du Quebec leader Gerard Deltell told 400 delegates that his rival is the 'godfather of the Liberal party' at a policy convention in Granby on Saturday." Liberal party members of course are outraged by the charge as reported by Philip Authier and Kevin Dougherty for The Montreal Gazette; however, organized crime cannot exist without public corruption, and one wonders whether the Liberal party is protesting too much.


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