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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monday Funeral For Nicolo Rizzuto

A bullet hole is framed by tree branches in the backyard window of Nicolo Rizzuto's Montreal home is shown on Thursday Nov. 11, 2010.

Nicolo Rizzuto, the 86-year-old patriarch of the Montreal Mafia who was slain at his home last Wednesday during supper with his family, will be laid to rest this Monday as reported by Paul Cherry for The Montreal Gazette: "only months ago, in January, Rizzuto attended a funeral mass at the same church for his namesake and grandson Nicolo (Nick) Rizzuti Jr., who was shot dead Dec. 28." Vito Rizzuto, the reputed boss of the clan who is serving a ten-year term at a federal prison in Florence, CO following his 2007 racketeering conviction involving the 1981 murders of three Bonanno capos in NYC, was not granted permission to attend his son Nick Jr.'s funeral earlier this year, and he is unlikely to attend his father Nicolo's funeral on Monday as reported by The Star. Such is the life. Although Vito may not be in attendance, a "retired Montreal police investigator says police will be observing the funeral services of Nicolo Rizzuto closely" as reported by CTV: "there will be pictures taken, they're gonna be looking for who's coming from out of town to the funeral to see who is gonna be there, and that may give them a clue as to who's still backing the clan here, who's not backing the clan here."


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