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Monday, December 13, 2010

Gotti Grandson Admits Possesion, Dodges Jailtime

The grandson of John "Teflon Don" Gotti won’t be doing any jail time for a Halloween night pellet gun prank.
John Gotti Jr., 17, pleaded guilty to possession of the gun in Queens Criminal Court yesterday and was ordered to perform 20 hours of community service, rather than probation or jail time.
"He is thrilled to put all this behind him," Gotti’s lawyer, Adam Mandelbaum said. "This will never happen again. He’s a very good kid."
Gotti, the son of Peter Gotti Jr., was arrested with three pals at PS 207 in Howard Beach, Queens on Oct. 31 after one of them allegedly fired the gun into a crowd of kids.
John Gotti Jr.
Police later said Gotti had revealed to them the name of the trigger-puller. But Mandelbaum noted that the other three kids in the case already had their charges dismissed. "So you can throw the ‘rat’ comment out the window," he said.



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