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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nick Cassavetes Directing Biopic on John Gotti Jr. and His Father

Though he's been behind the camera for touchy-feely, tearjerker dramas like The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper, director Nick Cassavetes has also ventured into darker territory with Alpha Dog. Now it looks like he'll venture into the world of mobsters as Variety reports the director is in talks to direct a biopic about reformed criminal John Gotti Jr. and his mobster father, the late head of the Gambino crime family. After a life of violence and crime, the elder Gotti spent the last ten years of his life in jail before succumbing to cancer in 2002. While the crime family aspect of the story seems like the obvious focus, the film will center on the father and son relationship.
The focus on the father and son aspect of the Gotti family sounds similar to the project Sylvester Stallone was rumored to be circling earlier this summer, but it's not clear if they are one in the same. Cassavetes says, "I think it's a great story about redemption and about America." Following in his father's footsteps, Gotti Jr. also spent time in prison for crimes ranging from loan sharking to racketeering, but the former mobster claims to have turned his life around and upon his father's death bed, revealed that he would be leaving behind organized crime and leaving behind the family business. This definitely sounds like a story with some meat and potatoes that won't simply glorify the life of crime like some films on the subject.


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