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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Updates From Montreal

A panorama of the city, taken from the Chalet ...
Last Friday police in Montreal, QC Canada arrested 11 eleven individuals on drug trafficking charges during raids of several Italian cafes in a move to squelch an ongoing turf war among rival Mafia clans which has resulted in the firebombing of 19 establishments over the last few months, and among those charged was Biagio Marabella as reported by Paul Cherry for The Montreal Gazette:
According to a source close to the investigation, it appeared the money generated by the network's drug sales allegedly flowed to Marabella. * * * According to the news website RueFrontenac.com, Mirabella is the cousin of Mario (Skinny) Marabella, a man with ties to the Rizzuto Clan who disappeared in December 2008.
Over the last year several Rizzuto clan members and associates -- including patriarch Nicolo Rizzuto and his grandson Nick Rizzuto Jr. -- have been slain in Montreal, and speculation on who is behind the massacre continues as reported by Rob Lamberti for The Beacon Herald:
The violence in Montreal has spawned a number of theories.  One scenario police are considering is that the Bonanno mob of New York that [Salvatore] Montagna reportedly controlled is consolidating its hold on Montreal and with it southern Ontario. Yet another theory is that Italian crime families between Hamilton and Montreal, a lethal mix of Sicilian and Calabrian mobs, are now operating as one.
In any event, pretty much everyone agrees that the storied Rizzuto clan which ruled the Montreal underworld for the last three decades pretty much is toast, and there is little that its reputed boss Vito -- currently stewing at the federal penitentiary in Florence, CO following his 2007 racketeering conviction involving the 1981 murders of three Bonanno capos -- can do about it.


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