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Monday, January 24, 2011

Accused mobster Anthony Colandra sprung from jail on $500,000 bail

A reputed Colombo hit man with friends in divine places was sprung Monday on $500,000 bail yesterday.
Anthony Colandra is charged with lying to federal prosecutors when he denied participating in the 1992 murders of mob associates John Minerva and Michael Imbergamo during the Colombo family civil war.
Colandra, 41, works as a janitor at a Catholic Church on the upper East Side and a Yonkers priest vouched for him at a bail hearing in Brooklyn Federal Court.
"He's like my brother from another mother," the Rev. Louis Leonelli said of their close relationship.
Leonelli said he was unable to sign Colandra's bond because he couldn't put up the friary where he works as collateral.
Colandra's family, instead, signed the note.
Colandra is not charged with the killings, but court papers assert he was one of the shooters.
"Several cooperating witnesses, including his former co-conspirators, will testify that Colandra in fact did commit the murders and that Colandra even bragged about doing so," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes.
The prosecutor said Colandra offered a "fanciful" tale that he was in a Long Island bar when the murders were committed and only heard about it later.
Magistrate Joan Azrack allowed Colandra's bail conditions will allow him to leave home for work, but she refused a request to attend Mass on Sundays.


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