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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catherine Godkin experiences joy at last following arrest of husband's mobbed up killer

Catherine Godkin was watching the news Thursday morning when she heard something she had thought impossible: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the feds had arrested the man who killed her husband 30 years ago.
Bartolemeo Vernace, a Gambino capo charged with senselessly killing Richie Godkin and John D'Agnese over a spilled drink, had been caught in a massive mob sweep.

"I was sitting with my granddaughter and they said they caught him," she told the Daily News. "I'm very happy. I truly am. Maybe now we can get some justice."
Richie Godkin, 35, was a Vietnam vet and director of a local Boys Club who had gone into business with pal D'Agnese, 22, to open the Shamrock Bar in Woodhaven, Queens.
On April 11, 1981, a ruckus erupted over a spilled drink and Richie Godkin and D'Agnese kicked out a customer who drunkenly vowed revenge. Half an hour later, three men burst in and killed both bartenders.
The men fled and disappeared. Catherine Godkin was left with four young children to raise alone.
Vernace and another man were arrested, tried and acquitted.
On Thursday, Holder announced the arrest of Vernace on racketeering charges linked to the murders.
"This is no longer about just one murder," Catherine Godkin said.



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