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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feds Challenge Mob Boss To Apologize For Nephew's Murder

The feds are daring a reputed Mafia boss to apologize for authorizing a hit on his own nephew.
Daniel Marino "has yet to express any remorse" over the 1998 murder of Frank Hydell for becoming a government informant, prosecutors wrote yesterday.
"It remains to be seen whether he will do so at sentencing," the Manhattan federal court filing says.
In urging a maximum five-year sentence, the prosecutors said Marino's guilty plea was "a fitting end to his mob career" that "perfectly captures [his] characteristic penchant for brutality and betrayal of those closest to him."
They noted that Marino, 70, was also convicted earlier of conspiring to murder Thomas Spinelli, a "mob colleague and friend" who likewise "posed a threat to Marino and the Gambino family" by turning rat.
"In both cases, Marino put loyalty to the mob over loyalty to his own family and friends," court papers say.
Defense lawyer Gerald Shargel declined to comment.


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