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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gambino family mobster Daniel Marino gets five years

Last photo of John Gotti, taken by the Bureau ...A dying John Gotti in jail.
Murderous reputed mobster Daniel Marino today landed five years behind bars and a $1.25 million forfeiture after pleading guilty to ordering a hit on his own nephew.
The alleged Gambino crime family boss had admitted to authorizing the killing of nephew Frank Hydell outside a Staten Island strip club in 2004 after Hydell cooperated with the feds.
Manhattan Federal Court Judge Lewis Kaplan recommended that Marino, 70, who reportedly suffers heart problems, be allowed to serve his time in a medical facility as close to New York as possible.
As part of the deal, Marino also must pay the forfeiture — a chunk of his ill-gotten gains, authorities said.
"For Marino, the Mafia comes before family and friends," said prosecutor Elie Honig. "That’s what he’s most proud of. In 1998, his nephew was cooperating and hurting the mob, and he chose the mob. That’s how he treats those in his family. He has not expressed any remorse. What about the daughter of Frank Hydell."
Marino’s lawyer, Gerald Shargel, had asked forleniency on where the reputed mobster would do his time.
"Yes, he pleads guilty, but at 70 years old, he’s asking for some level of compassion," Shargel said, adding that notorious late Gambino boss "John Gotti was housed in a medical facility — it’s not a security risk."
Marino grinned and waved at his wife before led off.
Nearly two dozen other reputed mobsters also appeared in Brooklyn and Manhattan federal courts for unrelated cases stemming from last week’s mega-bustup of local crime families.
In Manhattan, reputed Gambino crime-family consigliere Joseph "Jo-Jo" Corozzo had his namesake son as his lawyer.
The elder Corozzo — who faces drug-trafficking, gambling, extortion and racketeering raps — "is innocent," insisted his son, Joseph Jr.
"They just want to keep him in jail," said the son — who the feds have called the crime family’s "house counsel."
Joseph Jr. scoffed at claims that the feds will try to boot him off the case.
An alleged Colombo crime-family capo, Anthony "Big Anthony" Russo — no relation to fellow reputed Colombo boss Andrew Russo — was ordered to put his bail request in writing before it would be considered.
Russo — facing murder, extortion and loan-sharking charges — has his next court date in March.


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