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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gerard Pappa Hit Dropped Against Bonanno Soldier Armando "Mondo" Rea

Federal prosecutors have dropped a gangland murder charge against reputed Bonanno soldier Armando "Mondo" Rea, the Daily News has learned.
The 1980 rubout of Mafia hit man Gerard Pappa vanished from a new indictment against Rea unsealed Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Rea is scheduled to go on trial Jan. 31 on the remaining charges of racketeering, extortion of Teamsters Local 807 and a failed plot to kill a Bonanno wiseguy named "Crazy Charlie" in 1992.
The Daily News reported last month that mob rats had previously fingered at least six gangsters other than Rea in the murder of Pappa, who was gunned down as he ate breakfast in the Villa66 restaurant in Brooklyn.
"As we prepare for trial, we anticipate further vindications of Mr. Rea," lawyer John Meringolo said.
Rea was inducted into the Bonanno family as a reward for carrying out the hit, sources had contended.
The late Genovese crime boss Vincent "Chin" Gigante was acquitted in 1997 of ordering Pappa's death.



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