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Monday, January 10, 2011

How Much Do You Weigh? Mob Has-Been Carmine Agnello Blows Fuse After Park Ranger's Question

He will forever be known as the former son-in-law of the late John Gotti and ex-husband to mob princess Victoria Gotti.
Just don't call Carmine Agnello a fatso.
A park ranger in Ohio learned the hard way how touchy Agnello is about his portly stature after she pulled him over for blowing past a stop sign and nearly colliding with another vehicle, according to court papers filed this week in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Agnello, 50, became irate and copped the attitude of an Ozone Park mob wanna-be entitled to special courtesy - instead of a mob has-been in Cleveland.
"You're Italian and you're going to give me a ticket?" he ranted, according to court papers.
Agnello handed over a New York State driver's license. The card doesn't list the operator's weight - unlike the Ohio license, which does.
When the ranger asked the chubby ex-mobster how much he weighed, he grew furious.
He refused to sign for the citation and got out of his truck, snarling, "You should be killed," according to the court papers.
Backup officers raced to the scene and helped calm him.
Agnello, who is on federal probation for a racketeering conviction in New York, immediately notified his probation officer. He admitted to the traffic infraction but denied making the threat.
"He felt insulted ... as if she was implying he was overweight," Probation Officer Lawrence Goldman stated in his report.
Federal Judge Nina Gershon concluded the incident did not amount to a probation violation.
Defense lawyer Scott Leemon called the matter of "whole bunch of nonsense."
"But for the fact of who Carmine was, this would and should be a nonstory," Leemon said.
Agnello's reputation has been dragged through the mud in recent years. Victoria Gotti accused him of being a deadbeat on alimony and child support, and a mob rat recalled how Agnello screamed for his mother when he was beaten and shot in the buttocks in 1979 - on orders from John Gotti, as payback for assaulting Victoria.
Agnello, who made and lost a fortune running a scrap metal business in Queens, was also estranged from his three sons, who appeared in the infamous cable reality show "Growing Up Gotti."
These days he works at Charity Towing/Eagle Auto Parts in Bentleyville, which is owned by his wife, Danielle. The couple has an 18-month-old toddler.


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