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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio Will Star As J. Edgar Hoover In Upcoming Clint Eastwood Film

Leonardo DiCaprio will star as controversial former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in a new film by Clint Eastwood that will open later this year. However, some are unhappy that the film will depict a claimed gay affair between Hoover and Associate FBI Director Clyde Tolson. And it is not certain whether the alleged cross-dressing of Hoover will be depicted in the film as well.
It will interesting to see how the film will also handle allegations that Hoover was soft on organized crime because of claims are that one organized crime family had blackmail material on the former FBI Director. A wife of both Lewis Rosenstiel and mob-friendly lawyer Roy Cohn(who was also an associate of Senator Joe McCarthy), Susan L. Rosensteil also claimed that Hoover was dressed as a woman when Hoover, Lewis Rosensteil and Cohn, had a sex party with three young blond boys.
Hoover was a mix of good and bad. He brought many bank robbers and serious criminals to justice on one hand. On, the other hand, some serious character questions remain about his own personal conduct, with some allegations far beyond simple gay relationships.

The former crime fighter had a tough guy image on one hand, on the other hand, some weird and sometimes rotten allegations exist, where the new Clint Eastwood film should hopefully balance the two Hoovers.
Hoover was probably a sort of flawed hero, however too much power, including over presidents, made him a fearsome and sometimes reckless force with not enough oversight over his actions. A good man and a bad man all at the same time.



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