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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mob lawyer cleared in marijuana case, scores plea deal for Gambino family client

A mob lawyer nabbed for bringing marijuana into a federal lockup had a double dose of good news Monday: he was cleared in the pot case - and scored a plea deal for his Gambino family client.
Attorney Seth Ginsberg was caught Oct. 12 with reefer in his bag while visiting mobster Thomas Orefice at the Metropolitan Correctional Center.
Ginsberg blamed it all on his brother, who he told authorities had borrowed the bag - and left the narcotics in it.
"It was a difficult experience," he said of sweating out a 6-week probe before the U.S. Attorney's office declined to prosecute. 
"I'm glad to have it behind me," said Ginsburg, whose thrre-month ban from the federal prison ends tomorrow.
The brother he blamed for the  drug drop also won't be charged.
Ginsberg revealed his good news as he also secured a deal yesterday for Orefice, who agreed to a 7-9 year sentence in exchange for pleading guilty to gambling and racketeering charges.
Orefice, was one of 14 Gambino mobsters  charged in April with racketeering, loansharking, extortion, murder and sex trafficking.
Ginsberg insisted his client had nothing to do with the murder and prostitution charges but did, in fact, run a high-stakes Manhattan poker game.
Orefice, 34, admitted loaning out money at more than 45% interest under the threat of violence if his customers didn't pony up the dough.
His wife, who had a baby nine days ago, sat in court watching.


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