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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gambino Associate Cops to Extortion Charges; Details Beating For Mob Actor

One of the Gambino mob goons used in the savage beating of a man who owed money to a “Sopranos” actor pleaded guilty to extortion charges today.
Crime family associate Giovanni “John” Monteleone detailed how he and another Gambino underling met with actor Tony Darrow, whose real name is Anthony Borgese, to discuss the plan.
Monteleone, a burly 42-year-old Gambino associate, detailed how he and another enforcer had an upstate New York rendezvous with Borgese, to discuss their plan to confront the debtor.
"Me and Joe had driven up to Monticello, NY, and had met up with Tony Borgese at a diner," Monteleone told a judge in Brooklyn federal court. "We had something to eat.
Then Monteleone described how he and the other Gambino associate drove along with Borgese while the actor pointed out the debtor's house.
The two mobsters then drove back to the diner to drop the actor off there.
After that, the enforcers drove back to the man's house.
"I was there to collect a debt, " Monteleone said.
As Monteleone stood by, the second enforcer walked up to the front door.
"Joe knocked on the guy's door," Monteleone explained.
Monteleone said he then watched as his partner confronted the debtor and a short time later the second enforcer and the debtor began struggling.
As the second enforcer fell to the ground, Monteleone said he jumped into the fray.
"I ran over and punched the guy," Monteleone said. "I got Joe up, and we left in the truck."
On a FBI recording, another Gambino member was heard recounting the confrontation: "So Tony [Borgese] meets them ... shows them where the house is. They go to the house ... the guy answers the door ... they beat the living sh*t out of him."
Borgese, who uses the stage name Tony Darrow and who starred in Goodfellas and Analyze This, has already plead guilty to arranging the 2004 beating, which resulted in the victim being left with a broken jaw and rib.
Darrow has since apologized for the incident and says he wants to take his message that crime does not pay to America's troubled youth through lectures at high schools and juvenile detention centers.
Monteleone, a mechanic from northern New Jersey, faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced by Judge Eric Vitaliano.
But Assistant US Attorney Evan Norris told the judge that under a plea agreement with prosecutors, Monteleone is expected to be sentenced to between 33-41 months in federal prison.
Monteleone's defense attorney, Mitchell Golub, said his client is not a professional mob enforcer.
"It was a one-time event - it's not who this man is," Golub said. "He's trying to put this behind him."


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