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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonanno mob boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano needs to borrow tie from judge in court

Mob crime boss Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano had a wardrobe malfunction Tuesday in Brooklyn Federal Court  - but the judge bailed him out.
Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis had previously issued an order allowing Basciano's family to bring him suits, socks and shoes for his upcoming murder trial.
But a the memo did not include neckties - so a by-the-books jail guy at the Metropolitan Detention Center refused  to give one to the fashion-concious Basciano.
Minutes away from a courtroom appointment with 75 prospective jurors, Basciano was frantic about meeting the public in just a gray suit and white shirt  without a tie.
His lawyer, George Goltzer, raised the fashion faux pas with Garaufis who immediately - and generously - provided the former Bonanno crime boss with an extra necktie he keeps on hand for emergencies.
The disaster averted, Basciano offered to return the conservative red striped tie to the judge.
"Why don't you hold onto it until the end of the trial," Garaufis said.
Golzter, who represents one the most dappper gangsters since the late John Gotti, complimented the judge on his choice of neckwear.
"Brooks Brothers is quite fashionable, would the court entertain a motion for Paul Stuart?" he said, referring to the upscale menswear line.
Garaufis said he would consider it when he gets a pay raise.
Basciano is facing the death penalty if convicted of ordering the murder of mob associate Randolph Pizzolo.
During Basciano's 2007 racketeering and murder trial on separate charges, Garaufis lent him a clean dress shirt and tie.
The judge also put on the record that his clothing order permits accessories.
"A tie is an accessory," he said.



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