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Monday, March 21, 2011

Daughter of Sammy Gravano penning book on life in 'Mafia enclave of Staten Island'

Sammy GravanoSammy GravanoKaren Gravano, the daughter of infamous mob turncoat and former Graniteville resident Sammy (The Bull) Gravano, has landed a book deal to pen a tell-all about "what it was like to grow up in the Mafia enclave of Staten Island," according to the New York Post.
The deal with St. Martin's Press is for six figures, according to the report.
Ms. Gravano, 38, will discuss "what it was like to grow up in the Mafia enclave of Staten Island as the daughter of one of the mob's most feared executioners, how her life changed radically once he testified for the federal government and entered the witness protection program, and went to prison in order to protect Karen and her brother, St. Martin's told the Post.
Sammy Gravano, formerly of Lamberts Lane, a hit man and once-feared underboss of the Gambino family, confessed to killing 19 people, but received leniency for testifying against mob boss John Gotti. He served five years in prison before moving to Arizona in 1995 under the federal witness protection program.
In 2000, the elder Gravano was busted again for running a multimillion-dollar ecstasy ring near Phoenix and sentenced to 19 years in prison.
Karen Gravano pleaded guilty to charges related to her father's drugs operation and was sentenced to probation.



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