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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

South Florida wiseguy Mitchell Weissman continues testimony in Adolfo Bruno murder trial

Vincent GiganteVincent GiganteSouth Florida wiseguy Mitchell Weissman, the prosecution's first witness in the Adolfo Bruno murder trial, told jurors on Monday he was a late bloomer in the world of organized crime.
The one-time "close-out" merchandise dealer and marijuana trafficker said he only became an associate of the Genovese crime family's Florida crew when he was almost 50, after borrowing money from a captain in Juno Beach, Fla., Ray Ruggierio.
Weissman, 58, will resume testimony today in U.S. District Court in Manhattan as the prosecution sets out its case to lay the groundwork of the inner workings of the New York-based Genovese crime family, which is said to have been behind two murders, a string of attempted murders and various extortion plots in Western Massachusetts dating back to 2003.
Standing trial are reputed mob enforcers Fotios "Freddy" Geas, 44, of West Springfield; his brother Ty Geas, 39, of Westfield; and onetime Genovese acting boss Arthur "Artie" Nigro, 66, of the Bronx, N.Y. They are accused in a sweeping racketeering indictment that includes the 2003 murder-for-hire of Bruno, who was gunned down by a paid triggerman to make way for new leadership.
That new leader, Anthony J. Arillotta, turned government informant last year after his arrest in this case. He is expected to take the witness stand after Weissman.
Weissman told jurors Monday he had known Bruno since the 1980s, when they were both living in Massachusetts. After a series of arrests, he moved to Florida where he met Nigro in 2001. Weissman said he then spent his days earning illegal money for the family.
"You had to bring something to the table," he told the jury. "You had to have strength. It was all about money"


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