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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lindsay Lohan in final talks to play Victoria Gotti in new Gotti movie

Let's just hope she doesn't cause a mob scene.
Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is "on the verge" of signing her first big movie contract following her stint in rehab and could be on her way to playing John Gotti's daughter Victoria in the upcoming biopic about the mobster's life, it was reported today.
The "Mean Girls" star, despite her ongoing legal and personal problems, is in "final talks" to appear the movie, TMZ.com reported.
Details have not been released, including how much the 24-year-old Lohan would be getting paid to appear in the film "Gotti."
Lindsay Lohan arrives at LAX with friends.
Lindsay Lohan arrives at LAX with friends.
In January, Gambino crime-family scion John "Junior" Gotti and a dapper-looking John Travolta held a meeting in a trendy LA trattoria to discuss the film.
The calamari confab was called to toast a deal in which the "Get Shorty" star will portray Gotti's late dad, ruthless Mafia boss John Gotti Sr., in a flattering new biopic.
Travolta and Junior broke bread and downed vino with Marc Fiore, the film's executive producer -- who once pleaded guilty in a multimillion-dollar pump-and-dump stock scam reminiscent of a "Sopranos" episode.
Fiore -- executive producer for "Gotti" -- glories in his own criminal past, and is producing another film, "MOB $TREET," inspired by his story.
Fiore and eight other brokers were charged with operating a "boiler room" in which callers used deceptive, high-pressure sales tactics to swindle small-time investors out of their meager nest eggs.
For that, he did time at the federal prison in Allenwood, Pa. He said that history was key to him building a bond with Junior, who was impressed that Fiore never turned snitch.
"One of the things that gave him a comfort level with me is I didn't take the easy way out - rat on whoever," Fiore said.
"MOB $TREET," due out in a year, is being written by Chazz Palminteri.


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