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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mob Shuts Down Distribution Of Rapper Tony Testa's Music Video

Mob-related rapper, Tony Testa, has been getting love from some New York rappers, but it seems as though, his familia don't want their business out there ... and recently asked that his latest music video be pulled from websites.
The Italian rapper, who hails from Brooklyn, had filmed a music video for his track, "Paper Chaser", which began with a controversial shoot over negotiations and now is ending with a mob "rub out," said a rep from his camp.
Testa has been advised by incarcerated mafia members, as well as those still on the street, that there is too much "family" information being shown in the new clip and demanded it be pulled from specific websites.
The Picture Perfect-directed clip for "Paper Chaser" is based on a fictitious mobster (played by Testa) being inducted into a crime family. Some of the unknown rituals that crime families conduct to make a member a "made man" are shown for the first time in the video.
This, along with some other visuals, aren't exactly sitting well with his mob family apparently.
Testa's uncle, Joseph Carmine Testa, who's currently incarcerated on a life sentence without parole in Butner Federal Institution, reportedly called the young rapper and asked him to pull the video off popular hip-hop video site, WorldStarHipHop.
"The only reason I'm pulling the video off of the site is out of respect for my Uncle Joey," said Testa. "Everybody else can kiss my ass. I don't understand why everyone is gong crazy, it is just entertainment. After all is said and done, I'm still a Testa and family comes first. I would never do anything to hurt my Uncle Joey or anyone else in my family."
At press time, the video had been removed.
His debut music video, "Who U Wit" featuring Uncle Murda and a cameo appearance by "Sopranos" actor Joseph Gannascoli, received more than 7 million views on WorldStar.



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