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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bonanno soldier shocks judge by renouncing mob membership to look after grandkids

A Bonanno-crime family soldier told a federal court judge yesterday that he turned his back on the mob to become Mr. Mom.
Armando "Mondo" Rea, 59, broke his sworn blood oath of lifetime allegiance to the crime family, saying his association with the Bonannos ended after he devoted himself to caring for his grandsons because their mother was ill.
The doting-granddad defense -- which came during Rea's sentencing for extortion in Brooklyn federal court -- shocked Judge Jack Weinstein, one of the longest-serving jurists in the United States.
"That's the first time I've heard that in over 40 years of having organized-crime defendants before me," Weinstein said.
ARMANDO REA - Grandpa stuns judge.
Grandpa stuns judge.
He sentenced Rea to five years' probation with no jail time, but warned him that any reconnection with old mob pals would lead to a stiffer sentence.


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