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Monday, May 23, 2011

Death Penalty Phase Begins Tuesday

The death phase of the trial of Vincent Basciano begins Tuesday, May 24 in Brooklyn federal court with prosecutors scheduled to bring in over a period of about two or three days witnesses like Joseph Massino, Sal Vitale and James Tartaglione.  The government is calling Massino to flesh out the allegation that Basciano wanted to put out a contract on federal prosecutor Greg Andres, who wasn't harmed.  The Andres allegation wasn't a part of the main criminal case against Basciano but is now listed as an aggravating factor in the death penalty phase.  The defense is expected to bring in witnesses, including some of Basciano's family, to build the case for life and not death.  If the jury decides not to give Basciano death he will be serving life in prison without parole, presumably under the strict segregation in custody reserved for terrorists.  The defense is also being allowed to bring in evidence that former Bonanno family members like Massino, Vitale,who were responsible for several murders, aren't facing the death penalty. The jury won't get the case for the penalty phase until after Memorial Day. 



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