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Friday, May 13, 2011

Loyal Gambino mobster gets 8 years behind bars after rejecting FBI offer to turn rat

That's what you get for being a stand-up wiseguy.
Reputed Gambino crime-family soldier Onofrio "Noel" Modica, who rejected an FBI offer to turn rat, was slapped with an 8 1/3-year sentence yesterday for a slew of crimes that included trying to tamper with the jury that convicted the late mob boss John Gotti.
Manhattan federal Judge Lewis Kaplan cut Modica, 47, a break from the 10-plus years sought by prosecutors, citing crippling back problems.
In keeping with omerta, the Mafia's code of silence, Modica, the son of a reputed Gambino soldier, declined to speak in court.
But before being punished, he got a tongue-lashing from a woman wounded during a deadly 1987 drive-by shooting committed using Modica's motorcycle.
Bystander Kim Costello, 45, burst into tears before telling the court that she still has nightmares of being struck by 11 bullets fired by the gunman who killed two men on Staten Island.
"I can't have a family or kids because of that shooting," she sobbed.



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