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Friday, May 27, 2011

'Mousie' the mobster ordered held without bail

Joseph C. Massimino
Joseph C. Massimino

Reputed mob underboss Joseph "Mousie" Massimino was ordered held without bail Friday on racketeering and gambling charges detailed in a 50-count indictment handed up earlier in the week.
U.S. District Court Judge Felipe Restrepo cited Massimino's lengthy record of arrests and convictions in accepting prosecutors' arguments that the 61-year-old would be a threat to the community if released.
Massimino, of South Philadelphia, has been arrested 34 times according to a detention memo filed by the prosecution, and has been convicted of federal drug trafficking and state racketeering charges.
He has spent more than 20 years of his adult life in prison.
The alleged number two man in the Philadelphia mob was the third defendant ordered held without bail pending trial. Earlier in the week, reputed mob boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi, 71, and alleged mob soldier Gaeton Lucibello, 58, were also denied bail.
Hearings for two others - Martin Angelina, 48, and Gary Battaglini, 50 - were continued to Tuesday after Restrepo said he wanted more details about properties family members were prepared to post as collateral in their cases.
Ligambi and the others have been charged with racketeering conspiracy, extortion and gambling offenses stemming from a 10-year investigation.
Two other key defendants, mob members George Borgesi, 47, and Damion Canalichio, 41, are expected to be arraignment sometime next month . Both are currently serving federal sentences on unrelated charges.
In another development Friday, bail was reset at $900,000 for reputed mob lieutenant Anthony Staino Jr. to conform with the value of properties family members and friends had agreed to post as collateral. Bail had originally been set at $1 million.
Staino, 53, will also be required to wear an electronic monitor and remain under house arrest at his home in Woolwich Township, Gloucester County.
Staino is one of the few defendants in the case without a criminal record. He was expected to be released before the end of the weekend.



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