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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reputed Mob Underboss Wins Bail Release

Chalk up an early victory for the lawyers of one of 13 alleged Philadelphia mobsters named this week in a federal indictment.
Reputed mob underboss Anthony Staino Jr. was ordered released Wednesday on $1 million bail and placed on house arrest late this afternoon by a federal judge.
"Ant" Staino is facing 29 counts in the 50-count indictment brought Monday by the U.S. District Attorney's Office in Philadelphia. The allegations against Staino include gambling, extortion and threats of violence.
The alleged No. 2 man in the Philly mob, viewed as suspected mob boss Joseph Ligambi's right-hand man, is considered by prosecutors Ligambe's partner in an illegal video poker machine business.
Staino allegedly made threats of violence that included quotes such as, "I'll put a bullet in his head," and "I've got two gorillas, they will chop him up."
The judge ordered Staino released him on bail that was secured in six homes valued at a total of $1 million. The properties were owned by his wife, his ex-wife, his son, two cousins and a former police officer.
The government argued that Staino poses a risk to the public, pointing to the indictment's allegations as well as the general history of the mob in Philadelphia, which includes numerous murders and other crimes.
But Fox 29's Dave Schratwieser reported from outside the federal courthouse in Philadelphia that the judge sided with defense arguments that Staino has no prior criminal history and is not accused of actually carrying out those threats. In fact, the government agreed that even in this indictment there were no actual victims of violence mentioned.
"Anthony is not the average RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) defendant. He's got no prior criminal record. There was no violence in this case. It's a case that's been investigated for over a decade. There was ample opportunity for violence. None was committed," said Gregory Pagano, Staino's attorney.
Staino was ordered confined to his home in Swedesboro, N.J., and placed on electronic monitoring. Bail conditions included no guns and no travel, as he was ordered to surrender his passport.
The judge also warned the six homeowners that if Staino screws up, they will lose their homes and he will go to jail.
"The judge asked each and every one of them, 'If he violates the terms of this release, you're going to lose your house. You understand that?' They said fine, we'll go along with that," said the Inquirer's George Anastasia.
Another of the alleged mobsters was not as fortunate on the question of his bail, however.
Gaeten Lucibello, an alleged former mob captain, now a mob soldier, was ordered Wednesday held until trial, the date for which has yet to be set.



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