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Monday, May 2, 2011

Vinny Gorgeous had girlfriend try to seduce me: Rat

You’ve heard of the Mafia rub-out.
This was the Mafia rub-up.
A gangland killer-turned-rat testified in Brooklyn federal court today that Bonanno big Vincent "Vinny Gorgeous" Basciano once tested his loyalty - by having his girlfriend try to seduce him.
Dominick Cicale said that when he was a Bonanno wannabe, he met Basciano and his longtime goumada Debra Kalb at Bartinis in Forest Hills.
"His intention was to get me drunk," the tanned, chiseled Cicale said.
Basciano, he said, left the table and had Kalb "hit on me - rub my leg - to see how I would react."
Debra Kalb.
Debra Kalb.
Basciano, 51, wanted to make sure Cicale could be trusted and would not violate the mob’s "hands off" code when it came to other wiseguys’ women.
Cicale, 44, passed the test and was welcomed into the Bonanno family, and was made underboss after acting boss Basciano went to jail.
Basciano, he testified, was known for his bizarre loyalty tests.
Once he summoned an entire crew from Queens to his home in the Bronx at 3 a.m. – only to send them home as soon as they showed.
Another time, he summoned Cicale to drop everything and race to a restaurant in Manhattan because "there was a problem" - even though there wasn’t.
Cicale, now in prison after three murder convictions, was testifying against Basciano, who faces the death penalty if convicted in his murder and racketeering trial.
Basciano is accused of ordering a hit on associate-turned-rat Randy Pizzolo.
Cicale testified that Basciano — then in jail in November 2004 — was clearly behind the move on Pizzolo.
"Randy Pizzolo was killed on the orders of Vincent Basciano," Cicale said.
Cicale was the latest in a long line of mob turncoats to testify against the Bonanno leader.
His testimony followed an appearance by Pizzolo’s son-in-law, who said Pizzolo believed he was on the verge of being whacked in the days before he met his fate at the hands of a Mafia hit man.
Basciano, he said, also once plotted a hit on a rival wiseguy in his girlfriend’s bathroom – because he figured it would be the last place the feds would plant a wire.
Basciano and Cicale plotted on Feb. 14 and 15 of 2001 – forcing Cicale to cancel Valentine’s dates with his wife two days in a row – to whack fellow mobster Frank Santoro in Kalb’s Bronx bathroom, Cicale testified.
"If the house was bugged ... a bathroom would be the least likely place they’ll be a recording device," Cicale said.
But the plot unraveled like a roll of cheap toilet tissue, and Santoro was ultimately killed while walking his Doberman.


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