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Monday, June 20, 2011

FBI turns hunt for Whitey Bulger to girlfriend

James “Whitey” Bulger’s longtime girlfriend in the hunt for the South Boston serial killer.
Investigators hope that if they find Catherine Greig, they may find Bulger. A billboard in Times Square and television spots in 14 cities are being rolled out as part of the ramped-up search for the Southie mobster. Photos of Greig are also being circulated in the new ads -- with the FBI saying she has undergone cosmetic surgery -- and the reward for her capture is now $100,000.
The FBI also announced today they still think Bulger is alive, putting to rest reports that he died in Costa Rica.

An undated photo released today by...
An undated photo released today by the FBI shows two people identified as Catherine Greig and Whitey Bulger
"The FBI believes that publicizing Catherine Grieg’s photo and characteristics among her contemporaries will lead to a tip about her whereabouts and, ultimately, to the arrest of Bulger," said Richard DesLauriers, Special Agent-In-Charge of the FBI’s Boston Field Office.
Bulger is wanted for the murders of 19 men and women in the racketeering reign of terror he employed to control Boston’s underworld. The FBI has offered a $2 million reward for information leading to the capture of the 81-year-old Southie mobster, who has been on the lam since 1995.
Greig, a former dental hygienist, has just turned 60 -- a significant birthday that could also be prompting the FBI’s renewed push for her. She has an outstanding warrant for her arrest since 1997, when she was charged with harboring a federal fugitive.
"In terms of publicity, for 100 years the FBI has known that combining the reach and power of the media with alert citizens is a successful formula for catching fugitives," said FBI Supervisory Special Agent Richard Teahan.
Teahan heads the Boston FBI task force hunting for Bulger.
The FBI also announced today that they will air 30-second TV commercials beginning tomorrow in 14 cities on Greig’s shady dealings with Bulger. The spots will run in Massachusetts, Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Wisconsin.
The ads will appear on shows women watch, including "The View," "The Today Show," "Ellen" and the Oprah Network.
Bulger, the brother of former state Senate President William “Billy” Bulger, is described as a wealthy fitness buff, bookworm and animal lover whose last confirmed sighting was in London in 2002, though investigators also have searched for him in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Canada. He’s considered one of Ireland’s most-wanted.
Today’s update was given by DesLauriers and United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz.



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