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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jailed Philly Mob Boss In Spat With Relative?

Jailed mob boss Joe Ligambi has a new attorney tonight.
High profile lawyer Edwin Jacobs has now taken over Ligambi's case.
Jacobs represented mob boss Joey Merlino in the city's last big federal racketeering case.
The move comes as reports surface of a rift between Ligambi and his jailed nephew, George Borgesi, who is also charged in this case.
Fox 29s Dave Schratwieser says this is one situation that bears watching.
Mob insiders say the relationship is not good between Ligambi and Borgesi.
It's all over mob money and taking care of Borgesi's family while he's been in prison the last 12 years.
Sources tell us the rift got so bad Borgesi recently turned down a prison visit from Ligambi.
Now if this gets worse, it could impact the case. Ligambi's attorney, Jacobs, says this is much ado about nothing.
Late today mob underboss Marty Angelina was denied bail by a federal judge, he joins Ligambi and six others behind bars until their trial.
That could be a year away.


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