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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Man who allegedly had knife fight with celeb pizzeria owner gets house arrest

He’s getting another slice of freedom.
Benny Geritano, busted in Brooklyn for allegedly engaging in a knife fight with a celebrity pizzeria owner over a woman, will be trading a federal detention cell for house arrest and an electronic bracelet.
The reputed mob associate is getting out because he needs to see a physical therapist to help him recover use of damaged tendons in his left hand, which were cut during the April knife fight in Carroll Gardens with Lucali pizzaman Mark Iacono.
Brooklyn Federal Judge Cheryl Pollak granted Geritano bail, but warned the ex-con not to take any unauthorized field trips while under house arrest.
Benny Geritano
Benny Geritano
"If you go down the street for a pizza or something, you’re done — you’re back," Pollak warned.
Geritano was an admitted member of the infamous "Night Drop Crew," a Mafia-linked gang that specialized in bank burglaries and operated from 1993 to 2003.
After he was freed from prison for those crimes in September, Geritano went back to his old tricks and allegedly tried to burglarize two banks and was plotting "multiple" other jobs, federal prosecutors said.
The feds say they are considering an appeal of the ruling granting Geritano bail.
He will remain in federal lock-up for a few days while his attorney, Steven Kartagener, finalizes the paperwork.
Geritano couldn't get the therapy he needs in jail. And he was also barred from using a strong adhesive needed for the special glove device that stretches the tendons on his injured left hand.
"They’re telling me Crazy Glue is a security issue," Geritano told the judge at the hearing.
Without the undergoing specialized physical therapy sessions several times a week, Geritano "winds up with a claw for a hand," Dr. Michael Rose, a physician, told the judge during the hearing via a telephone link



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