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Monday, June 13, 2011

Mob Wives Recap: Drita Takes on New Jersey Coons with a Paintball Gun!

The women of “Mob Wives” individually get together following the throw down last time at Renee’s house. The first to bury the hatchet (and not in each other’s head) was Renee Graziano and Carla Facciolo. Carla tells Renee to move on from Junior just as her therapist stated, but will Renee take anyone’s advice?
Karen calls David to check up on her daughter’s return to Arizona. Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo are the next set of wives to get together to make amends following the fight at Renee’s. They meet for drinks and talk about Karen’s book and Lee. When the subject of Lee came up, it was expected to prompt fireworks but they were civil and actually joking. There is hope after all! While Lee is not getting out as expected, Carla Facciolo’s husband, Joe, will be released in less than two weeks. She goes shopping with a friend to get him some “civilian” clothes which includes t-shirts, underwear, and tennis shoes. While she is there, she buys herself a new pair. Why not?
Since everyone seems to be updating themselves, Renee goes back to Dr. Klapper for a body makeover because now that she has passed forty and gotten rid of Junior, she needs an “overhaul” before hitting the dating scene! She has a 3D imaging done of her body and gasps at the pictures! Really? What did she expected? She’s overweight and middle-age! She tells the doctor she wants a boob job which includes “gutting them out completely and filling them back up with implants!” Dr. Klapper is stunned stating she has enough natural material to rework the “girls” but Renee comes back that they will not be “perky!” She continues with wanting a “tummy tuck” and what is removed from the flabby front needs to pack the trunk! The doctor tells Renee this is too much surgery and increases the risk of tragic endings, so Renee decides the most critical areas are the stomach and ass. The physician basically tells her to start losing weight before the procedure.
Drita is attacked once more by raccoons who have strewn garbage all over her drive. She vows revenge but does not want to kill them, so decides to go on the offensive with a paintball gun. Later in the show, she enlists the help of Carla to “cover her back” in case they retaliate as they sneak outside one night to catch the vermin in action. She shoots but as Lee predicted on the telephone, she misses, hitting only the garbage can. After cleaning up after the raccoons the first time, Drita attempts to explain to her daughter, Aleeya, what a “rat” is (in mob terms) because she has asked why her father was in prison this time which Drita had stated was due to a friend being a “rat.” Her explanation was good enough to make her daughter state “I’d rather daddy stay in jail than be a rat!” Kids can say the strangest things!
Karen talks to her writing coach about the negative publicity she is getting about the book with everyone comparing her to her father in one article that lists her as “tell all” and another claiming the proceeds will be “blood money.” Karen later confides in Renee about the unconstructive comments the media are making about the book. Renee tells her, as did the writing coach, this is about her life and she is the victim, not the perpetrator. Well, Karen, you knew the book was going to garnish flack…live with it!
Junior shows up at Renee’s house for guess what? Chicken soup! What a ridiculous excuse for a booty call! He tells the “bleeding heart mafia princess” Renee he is not feeling well and like an idiot, she believes him and allows him to stay overnight. He is going back to prison and when Renee tells the other girls at brunch she is letting him move in until then, they all go on the attack with Karen starting she understands why Renee is doing this but the daydream she expects will never be reality! Drita thinks she should kick him to the curb and lock the door afterwards! It is doubtful Renee will listen to anyone other than Junior!
Speaking of prison, Carla talks to the kids about Joe’s return while at the beach. They seem excited but she feels Joe should tell them the truth about where he has been since they do not know he has been in jail. Where the heck do they think he has been for years…a roadtrip? What has she told them about why he never comes home? Did he move to another country for an important job? Unless these kids are incredibly stupid, I am sure they have figured out something is up! What kind of effect will it have on them when they find out the truth?
While Renee ponders the reality of Junior in her relapse of good judgment and Drita wages war on the raccoons, Carla is left preparing for the return of Joe. Although she considers them friends, how will he really react to the fact she has a boyfriend and how will he handle telling the kids the truth? Will Karen be able to get past the tabloid drama? Only the future knows…



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