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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reputed mob associate arrested again

A reputed mob associate, who spent nearly two decade behind bars for a double homicide, was arrested Monday for allegedly harassing his estranged wife.
Anthony Parrillo, 60, of Cranston, was charged with violating a restraining order after he allegedly screamed at his wife from the front lawn then waited in the driveway according to an arrest report obtained by Target 12. The report states on June 2nd a Family Court judge issued a restraining order forbidding Parrillo to approach his wife.
“[Parillo’s wife] stated that she feared for her life,” the police report states. “She feels that with his anger […] and with his criminal past, she feels her life could be in jeopardy.”
In 1986, Parrillo pleaded guilty for the 1982 murder of two men after an apparent drug deal gone bad. Parrillo was released to home confinement in 1994.
Parrillo was initially held without bail while police determined if he was in violation of his probation. A Department of Corrections spokesperson said his probation expired in 2009. Parrillo was released late Wednesday on $50,000 surety.
Parrillo’s attorney John Harwood declined to comment.
In 1997, Parrillo was profiled in a Target 12 Investigation revealing he was working as a Teamster on the Michael Corrente film “Outside Providence.” Undercover video showed Parrillo acting as a bodyguard and driver to film star Alec Baldwin.
At the time, law enforcement sources identified Parrillo as a close associate to then-mob boss Luigi “Baby Shacks”



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