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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just like Cinderella: Mobster Anthony Durso gets his date night, but must be home by midnight

Anthony Durso has been granted a one-night reprieve from curfew.
Anthony Durso has been granted a one-night reprieve from curfew.
Baby Fat Larry can go out and play at night - but he'd better be careful not to turn into a pumpkin.
A Colombo crime associate convicted of extortion has been granted a one-night reprieve from curfew so he can go out on a date but he must be home by midnight - just like Cinderella.
Anthony Durso had complained that although he was allowed to keep working as a city garbageman while free on $500,000 bail, he needed "leisure time" away from his parents in their Brooklyn home to "perhaps go on a date."
Federal Judge Kiyo Matsumoto refused to eliminate the 7 p.m. nightly curfew outright, but granted Durso a one-night-a-week reprieve with several conditions.
He has to inform his federal pretrial services officer whom he is going out with and where they are going. When he gets home at midnight, Durso must notify the officer that he's in for the night.
If he doesn't make it home by the stroke of midnight, he could face revocation of his bail.
Durso, 27, got his colorful nickname as a result of his close association with reputed Colombo associate Ilario (Fat Larry) Sessa.
Both mob associates were charged with participating in an assault on a deadbeat who had fallen behind on loan-shark payments. Durso pleaded guilty and faces 33 months in prison.
The judge's order also allows Durso to work a night shift or overtime to earn extra legitimate income.
"It sounds fair to me, and we appreciate what the judge did," defense lawyer Mathew Mari told the Daily News yesterday.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Allon Lifshitz had opposed any changes in Durso's bail conditions.


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