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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dominic Cooper to play Junior Gotti in new film

Dominic Cooper at the 2009 Toronto Internation...DOMINIC Cooper is set to star in Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father after “blowing away” bosses.
Barry Levinson — director of the Mafia film, which is set to star John Travolta and Al Palcino – is keen to sign up the Mamma Mia! actor who has impressed him and the producers with his passion for the role of John Gotti Jr.
“He’s read the Gotti script and already has great suggestions for the role,” a source said.
The movie — which is also set to star Lindsay Lohan, Joe Pesci and Kelly Preston — is based on the true story of New York crime boss John Gotti (Travolta) whose son was brought up to be inducted into the Gambino crime family, but he attempts to escape that world.
Barry was recently at the New York premiere of Dominic’s latest release The Devil’s Double — which sees the 33-year-old star as Uday Hussein, the son of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein — to scope out the actor for the role of John Gotti Jr., which Johnny Depp, James Franco and Jeremy Renner have been linked with.
Dominic is also thought to be wanted by Solitary Man directors Brian Koppelman and David Levien — who also attended the screening — for their forthcoming big screen adaptation of The Game, which based on the book by Neil Strauss that gives men tips on how to woo women.



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