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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video shows Albanian gangster botching NY mafia hit

Joe Pesci

This alleged hit man should have watched "The Godfather" a few more times to see how it's done.
Unlike Al Pacino's cool-headed Michael Corleone, suspected Albanian Mafia gangster Bajram Lajqi allegedly blew a planned hit on another gangster because he let his temper get the best of him.
Lajqi turned what might have been a quiet murder on a darkened New York street into a public spectacle in a crowded restaurant, according to an account filed by Brooklyn federal prosecutor Steven Tiscione.
Lajqi was busted recently by the feds on drug-trafficking charges and firing a gun in connection with narcotics smuggling.
It all began when Lajqi and his henchman went looking for a man who allegedly had been involved in a drug-smuggling scheme with them, which led to a falling out, authorities said.
Shortly before midnight on June 3, Lajqi and his cohort, Carlos Alvarez, went to the Tosca Cafe on East Tremont Avenue in The Bronx, the report says.
Before entering the restaurant, investigators believe the pair first located their intended victim's car, which was parked outside, and punctured all its tires.
NYPD detectives and Drug Enforcement Administration agents investigating the incident later came to believe this was a tactic aimed at making it hard for the victim to flee.
But apparently the mere sight of his intended victim was too much for Lajqi to bear, and, channeling Joe Pesci in "GoodFellas," he walked right over and allegedly punched him in the face.
Then Lajqi whipped out a pistol and turned it on a bouncer who intervened -- but that gave the marked-for-death man a chance to run out the door, the report says.
The mobsters ran after him, and when Lajqi caught up, he allegedly fired several shots at the man outside the eatery.
The victim was hit in his left and right thighs, the report says, but he somehow was able to run away and later sought treatment at a hospital.
Even worse for Lajqi, the entire scene was caught on surveillance tape, authorities said.
With the help of informants, federal investigators discovered that Lajqi and the victim had allegedly been partners in a pot-trafficking organization, the report says.


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