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Monday, August 1, 2011

Government viguriously fights to keep name of their top echelon Boston mob informant secret

Plenty of motions filed today in Suffolk superior court but still no news on whether the judge will release the name of the "top echelon informant", believed to be Mafia Capo Mark Rossetti, that has helped the Government build their case against 31 Boston area men.

The Government wants the best of both worlds. They want to be able to use the information that they got from this RAT but they also don't want to divulge who he is so the defense can prepare their case. At some point they will have to give the name of the rat up but what they hope is that if enough time lapses the defendants will eventually plead guilty and they can keep their rat secret. I don't think that will happen this time around. A couple of these guys have way too much to lose and they want their day in court.

If any of them actually committed any of these crimes, which I don't believe they did, how do we know that the rat didn't direct them to commit them or threaten them to commit them. After all he was the head guy on the case. Which means he was the leader and if he had them commit these crimes while he was an informant and an agent of the government that it is entrapment.

How in the world did the FBI get in bed with this guy in the first place? He was the worst guy on the street. The only guy around that has a few "notches". The FBI doesn't care. As long as someone helps them they are OK in their book.

Now the government will spend who know how much money to try and keep this rats identity a secret just so they don't end up with more egg on their face by letting the American people know they made the WHITEY BULGER mistake again. That has to be the only thing they care about because the money spent or the lawsuits that get paid out come from the taxpayers.

Thank god they raised the debt ceiling. The FBI might not have been able to pay their informants if it didn't. Look into how much they pay these rats to lie and set people up if you really want to get disgusted.

I'll let you know when this shoe drops. Until then, keep paying your taxes. These informants have mortgages to pay.



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