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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Longtime Colombo associate pleads guilty to $50K Yeshiva heist while dodging attempted murder charges

A Colombo crime family associate who worked at a Brooklyn celebrity pizzeria pleaded guilty today to robbing a yeshiva of more than $50,000.
Dominick "Black Dom" Dionisio was employed until recently at Lucali, the Carroll Gardens eatery loved by Jay-Z and other celebs.
In a deal with the feds, Dionisio pleaded guilty to racketeering charges and admitted his role in the yeshiva heist and several other gunpoint robberies.
As a consequence, the feds will drop attempted murder charges against Dionisio for allegedly trying to assassinate two mobsters from a rival Colombo faction during the crime family's internecine war in the early 1990s.
Brooklyn federal prosecutors had believed that Dionisio and an accomplice opened fire in broad daylight on a crowded New York street, injuring one of the rival wiseguys and some innocent passersby.
On Wednesday, the 41-year-old mobster told Judge Dora Irizarry that in 1991 he had waylayed an employee of the Magen David Yeshiva on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn and stole cash and checks worth more than $50,000.
Dionisio, who's been a Colombo associate for 20 years, also admitted in Brooklyn federal court that he robbed Hispanic marijuana traffickers in Baltimore, Maryland, in the late 1990s.
The mobster donned a bulletproof vest and wielding an automatic weapon in those drug heists, the feds say.
He will face a prison term of 70-87 months when he is sentenced by the judge in January.
Dionisio's former employer at Lucali, pizza whiz Mark Iacono, engaged in a knife duel this spring with Gambino crime family associate Benny Geritano, authorities said.
Although both Iacono and Geritano were badly injured the fight, the case evaporated after neither man agreed to testify before a state grand jury.


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