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Friday, September 9, 2011

Colombo soldier's wife Donna DeMartino goes to bat for Assembly candidate - and former cop - Jane Deacy

An ex-cop running for a Queens Assembly seat is getting eyebrow-raising support from the wife of a violent soldier in the Colombo crime family.
Republican candidate Jane Deacy's campaign sent out a letter written by Donna DeMartino bashing Democrat Phil Goldfeder for not offering to help with her "federal issues."
"I will NOT be voting for Phil Goldfeder," DeMartino states in the letter to her Howard Beach neighbors. "How can we expect this man to represent us when he can't even be bothered to return a simple phone call?"
If Deacy had done a background check she would have found that the author's husband, Vincent (Chickie) DeMartino, is serving 25 years for shooting another mobster in a failed hit.
He spent the better part of the past two decades "on an unrelenting campaign of violence and mayhem," in the words of a prosecutor.
Donna DeMartino told the Daily News she had sought help after her husband was transferred to a federal prison in Atlanta from one in Pennsylvania.
She said the move was punitive after Vincent DeMartino was assaulted - allegedly by a wiseguy from another crime family - and her husband refused to cooperate with prison authorities.
Donna DeMartino had called the office of Sen. Charles Schumer earlier this year and spoke to Goldfeder, who was working as an aide at the time.
"I'm trying to get justice for my husband," DeMartino said Thursday.
Goldfeder slammed Deacy for her election ploy.
"I'm offended that my opponent's campaign would attack my record because I refused to help a convicted felon get out of prison," he said.
A spokesman for Deacy's campaign offered no apology for the endorsement, but noted that Deacy had never met or spoken to the gangster's wife.
"Donna DeMartino is a taxpaying citizen who needed help and was completely ignored by Phil Goldfeder," the spokesman said.
During a mob trial in 2006, a mob rat testified that DeMartino's home in Howard Beach was virtually a house of swag - constructed almost entirely stolen materials.


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