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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Federal judge shoots down request from Vinny Gorgeous for now

Brooklyn federal judge Nicholas Garaufis has rejected as "premature" a request by convicted Bonanno capo Vinnie Basciano for the appointment of an investigator to do interviews related to the notorious "hit list."  In a letter dated July 30th, Basciano asked for help from the court because he believed the government withheld material about a witness who knew about the hit list allegation. Basciano is confined to the Super Max prison in Colorado where he is serving two life sentences.  He complained to Garaufis that his confinement conditions severely hamper his ability to prepare appropriate post trial motions and work on his appeal. Basciano wanted an attorney appointed but Garaufis denied that request as "premature" as well. Basciano said in his letter that an inmate known as "Reggie White" may have provided "A false claim to the government that an innoucuous Santeria list was a 'hit list.'"



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