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Friday, September 16, 2011

John Gotti Jr. pins four more murders on his father in upcoming biopic

The sins of the father are growing -- thanks to his son.
John “Junior” Gotti plans to pin four more murders on his late crime-boss dad, according to the script of an upcoming biopic.
Junior claims the future “Dapper Don” impersonated an NYPD detective during the previously unknown revenge killing of three Irish gangsters, according to Mafia expert Jerry Capeci’s Ganglandnews.com Web site.
The screenplay for Junior’s “Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father” also “credits” John Gotti “with orchestrating the murder of the neighbor who killed his 12-year-old son, Frank in a tragic car accident in 1980,” Capeci says.
SON OF A GUN: John Gotti’s son “Junior” (right) reveals four unknown hits by the Dapper Don in his new biopic.
SON OF A GUN: John Gotti’s son “Junior” (right) reveals four unknown hits by the Dapper Don in his new biopic.
The elder Gotti was conveniently in Florida when John Favara disappeared several months later, allegedly abducted by a seven-man hit squad that executed him and dissolved his body in a vat of acid.
The 140-page script for the film -- which is being directed by Oscar-winner Barry Levinson and stars John Travolta as the elder Gotti and Ben Foster as Junior -- implicates the unidentified Irish gangsters in the 1972 disappearance and murder of Gambino crime-family founder Carlo Gambino’s nephew.
The elder Gotti admittedly took part in the slaying of James McBratney, a member of the Westies gang whom Gambino suspected in the slaying of 29-year-old Manny Gambino.
But in the screenplay, Gotti is “promoted from support player to the gunman,” according to Capeci.
Capeci notes that “there is no record” of the incident, adding that, “You’d think three corpses in a car would have made the papers, but maybe this is another very well-kept mob secret.”
The feds, however, discount that particular plot line.
“It’s been established that John Gotti was responsible for multiple murders, but those three apparently described in the film screenplay seem to be, to the best our our knowledge, pure fiction,” New York FBI spokesman Jim Margolin said.


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