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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Firefighter Anthony "December" Cilento served as enforcer for Bonanno crew

The feds have revealed shocking details about a Brooklyn firefighter's ties to the Bonanno crime family - including a charge he took part in gangland beatdowns.
Anthony (December) Cilento of Ladder 166 in Coney Island faces 20 years in prison for serving as muscle for a coke-delivery service - a gig he quit when he joined the Bravest in 2008, court papers say.
Prosecutors say Cilento didn't turn his back on the mob to work for the city.
"The defendant's relationship with the Bonanno family is corroborated by consensual recordings made ... over a full year into his service to the New York City Fire Department," Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argerentieri wrote in court papers.
Cilento, 27, committed "a litany of crimes on behalf of the Bonanno family, including extortion, illegal gambling and violent assaults with a lead pipe and firearms," the court papers charge.
Cilento was the "right-hand man" to soldier Anthony (Little Anthony) Seccafico and carried messages for him to other Bonanno gangsters, Argerentieri said. He and Seccafico threatened a Bronx bar owner at gunpoint for failing to pay protection money, court papers charge.
Cilento, who was denied bail when pinched in August, faces an uphill battle to get out of jail at a court hearing today, despite an outpouring of support from family and FDNY brethren.


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