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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mafia Wife author Lynda Milito fires off cease and desist letter to VH1 over Mob Wives concept

The author of "Mafia Wife" wants VH1's "Mob Wives" to sleep with the fishes - legally speaking, that is.
Lynda Milito, the widow of murdered Gambino capo Louie Milito and author of the Cosa Nostra tell-all "Mafia Wife: My Story of Love, Murder and Madness," has hit producers of the all-in-the-crime-family reality series with a cease-and-desist letter.
Late last month, Milito attorney Joseph Garrity, of the Deerfield Beach, Fla., firm Garrity Weiss, put the "Mob Wives" producers on notice. Those parties include the Weinstein Co., Ben Silverman's Electus production company and show creator Jennifer Graziano's JustJenn Productions. Graziano is the daughter of imprisoned Bonanno crime family consigliere Anthony Graziano.
According to the letter, in August 2010 a representative of Milito's literary agency contacted Weinstein Books about a sequel to "Mafia Wife" called "Mafia Secrets." (The book has not been published.)
In the correspondence, the rep also mentioned that "Mafia Wife" "was currently being pitched and adapted for film," Garrity writes.
The lawyer goes on to note that several months later, on April 17, 2011, "Mob Wives" premiered on VH1 and said the TV production has "striking similarities to Ms. Milito's original works."
Garrity said he has since received a response on behalf of Weinstein Co. from the Los Angeles-based law firm of Greenberg Glusker.
The response: fuhgeddaboudit. They said "Mob Wives" was in development long before Milito's literary agency contacted Weinstein Books.
Garrity said he wants the show's producers to provide him "with any information they have to support that claim."
Despite Milito's businesslike handling of her claim, we suspect at least some of her beef is personal. One of the "Mob Wives" cast members is Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, ex-Gambino underboss-turned-FBI informant.
As Garrity explains, "My client believes that Sammy Gravano had something to do with the murder of her husband," whose body has never been found.
Milito also seems to be sending a message to Weinstein Co. chief Harvey Weinstein on her website Mafiawifelive.com.
At the top of the home page it reads: "Harvey Weinstein I am right in front of you."
A rep for the Weinstein Co. did not get back to us by deadline.


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  2. Linda Milito was nuts when she lived on Staten Island, and seems to be more nuts in Florida,Asked her why she though a party two weeks after her husband was killed she is a disgrace to even open her mouth.

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  4. Lynda was cheating on him while he was alive, and now has the nerve to try and collect after he is dead, she should get nothing, deserves nothing.

  5. I would love for Lynda to answer my Comments, and say all what was said was not true, she is a fraud!!

  6. Lynda would be happy to respond, she is not very good on the computer. you can email her direct at lynda@mafiawifelive.com

    P.S. about the party she said it was her daughters birthday party and she felt she needed that to take her mind of the nightmare of losing a father

  7. that's a lie, when she had the party she told everyone, I don;t have to worry about the mafia anymore,if it was for her daughter's birthday why would you say that,Lynda want's to knock everyone's father's,and all these other woman who talk about there brother's it's a joke, they all were in the same business the money killing business, mike the Batt's got killed because he could'en be trusted anymore, because he was putting coke up his nose he knew the rules,don't live by them you die.

  8. I wish Karen all the luck with her new book,God Bless You!

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