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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Staten Island ice cream man gets 3.5 years for selling drugs from truck

He wasn't in a "Good Humor" at all.
A sad-looking Louis Scala Jr. was sentenced to three and a half years prison today for selling massive quantities of $20-a-pop prescription oxycodone pills out of his Staten Island ice cream truck.
Scala, 29, wearing rumpled sweats, hugged and kissed his cop dad in the audience of a Manhattan courtroom before being cuffed and led away to serve his sentence.
"The family is looking forward to moving on," said defense lawyer Patrick Parrotta.
Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan has said that Scala sold soft-serve and hard drugs out of his green and white Lickety Split truck.
Louis Scala Jr.
Louis Scala Jr.
He'd do his regular route, then park the truck outside his Pleasant Plains house and selling to adult customers who'd been waiting in parked cars, officials said.
Prosecutors called him a major player in a Luchese-linked prescription drug ring that netted $1 million in the course of a single year, pumping a total 43,000 pills into the borough's prescription-drug black market.
Scala's kid brother, also implicated in the sales, is serving probation after pleading to a misdemeanor charge.
The ring was fueled by a receptionist at a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon's office who sold blank prescription pad pages to the ring for $100 apiece. The receptionist, Nancy Wilkins, 40, of Brooklyn, was sentenced in June to six months jail.


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