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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bonanno crime family hit man hiding in witness protection gets extra jail time for 'calzone rage'

A federal judge Thursday tacked on a side order of six months in prison to go with a mob rat’s lengthy sentence for a “calzone rage” beatdown in his pizzeria.
“What you need is anger management,” Brooklyn Federal Judge Edward Korman lectured ex-Bonanno crime family hit man Joey Calco.
“Yes, I understand, I used bad judgment,” Calco said.
Calco was facing an additional 46 months in prison for violating supervised release on a 2002 racketeering conviction — on top of the 13-year-sentence he was slammed with for pistol-whipping two customers in his pizzeria in Florida and illegal gun possession.
The customers had griped their calzone order was wrong and demanded a refund, prompting Calco to vault over the counter to pummel them.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Argentieri reminded the judge that when the defendant last stood before him he had vowed to stay out of trouble after helping the government convict scores of gangsters, including late Bonanno consigliere Anthony Spero.
“He was allowed to have a second chance,” Argentieri said. “A dispute about food? Come on. It was a horrible beating.”
But Korman said the defendant had been severely punished for his recent crimes and reminded the prosecutor that he had gotten a second chance at the urging of federal prosecutors who were grateful for his snitching.
Calco, 42, had resurfaced in Florida in the witness protection program with the new identity, “Joseph Milano.”


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