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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mafia chef Frank "Frankie D" DiMattina was a big mouth when feds busted him

Frank DiMattina (l.) appears on the Facebook page of his catering hall.
Frank DiMattina (l.) appears on the Facebook page of his catering hall.
A reputed Genovese crime associate who fancies himself a “celebrity chef” with dreams of a reality TV show said a mouthful when the feds arrested him.
Frank (Frankie D.) DiMattina glibly spoke about his tattoo, an aversion to snitching and his status on the street after investigators busted him in September for threatening a competitor who won a contract to cater lunches at a Staten Island private school.
DiMattina’s lawyer filed a copy of an FBI report containing the boasts in Brooklyn Federal Court as part of a motion to keep them out of his upcoming trial.
“DiMattina stated he is a ‘tough guy,’ not a ‘wiseguy,’ ” according to the report. He also bragged that his “DiMattina stated that his ‘street cred will go up since he was arrested by the FBI.” “DiMattina added that the television network BRAVO should have filmed this.”
The allegedly crooked cook also recommended the FBI agents check out the website for Ariana’s, his New Jersey catering hall manned by a crew he calls the “BanquetBoyz.”
But DiMattina clammed up when the feds asked about former Genovese underboss Venero (Benny Eggs) Mangano, whom he’s related to by marriage. Court papers say DiMattina is a member of soldier John (Johnny Sausage) Barbato’s crew, prompting the feds to dub the case “Sausage and Eggs,” sources said.Defense lawyer John Meringolo contends the questioning was illegal. “And we challenge the accuracy of many of those statements,” he said.



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