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Friday, November 11, 2011

Poll Results: What most likely happened to New England Captain Robert "Bobby" Deluca?

Vacation with his family -  6 (2%)
On the "lam" to avoid arrest -27 (12%)
He's a rat! - 69 (32%)
The family had him whacked -110 (51%)

Total Votes: 212

More than half our readers who voted in our monthly poll believe the Patriarca crime family from New England whacked Captain Robert "Bobby" DeLuca. In recent months, underworld rumors have been swirling that DeLuca was an undercover informant for the FBI and was recently whisked away along with his family into the witness protection program. The government has refused to comment on Deluca's status or whereabouts. It is safe to say that Deluca just like Captain Mark Rossetti was an informant all along for the FBI.

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1 comment:

  1. Tell me it aint so Bobby...

    you've been a faithful brother of the Family for decades. Your word... your oath... your honor is more valuable and precious than ANYTHING the govt can give or take from you.

    You are the legacy of THE MAN. You ARE Cosa Nostra. Dont let it end with betrayal. Especially over some double crossing Irish has-been P.O.S., not fit to breathe New England air...

    DONT DO IT. Dont betray yourself.