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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mob capo Reynold Maragni turns rat, wears wire for feds to bust Colombos

Reynold Maragni
Reynold Maragni (c.) has turned on the Colombos, trying to gain inside info on 1999 killing of William (Wild Bill) Cutolo for the feds.
A top Colombo gangster has defected to the feds — and has gathered damaging evidence linking the beleaguered crime family’s former acting boss to a gangland murder, the Daily News has learned.
Former capo Reynold Maragni donned a wire recently to secretly tape another gangster listing the players in the 1999 rubout of William (Wild Bill) Cutolo.
Maragni sounded like a G-man himself as he quizzed reputed soldier Vincent Manzo outside Macy’s department store in Brooklyn last Thursday.
“Was Tommy there or not there?” Maragni pressed, referring to former acting boss Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli, who is charged with Cutolo’s rubout.
“Tommy was there,” Manzo replied.
The mob turncoat is not identified by name in court papers filed Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court, but sources confirmed Maragni is the latest Colombo capo to flip.
Maragni pleaded guilty earlier this year to passing $600-a-month in extortion money to Gioeli’s wife and was free on bail when he recorded the conversations.
He has also told the feds that he was lying when he had previously told another government informant that he could get then-Florida Gov. Charlie Crist to commute a jail sentence.
Gioeli is charged with luring Cutolo to a house in Brooklyn where he was killed. His remains, buried in a mob graveyard near Gioeli’s home in Farmingdale, L.I., were unearthed in 2008.
Maragni’s lawyer declined to comment.



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