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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tommy Shots Gioeli blogs that snitch Dino Calabro beat wife, killed dog and fish

 Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli, alleged acting head of the Colombo crime family, is walked by FBI from Federal Plaza this morning. Numerous arrests of suspected mafia associates have occurred since the beginning of the year.
Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli, shown in 2008 with FBI agents, has been sniping in his prison blog about  government informant Dino Calabro.

Dino Calabro, whom Gioeli blasted as a wife beater and an animal killer.

A reputed Colombo crime boss is dishing dirt on the witness whose testimony may put him away for life, claiming the mob rat is a wife-beater AND killed his own dog.
Thomas (Tommy Shots) Gioeli is blasting away at former capo Dino Calabro on his prison blog, accusing him of a variety of depraved acts before he became a government snitch.
Gioeli is charged with six gangland murders himself.
Besides domestic violence, he claims Calabro poisoned a friend’s tropical fish, orchestrated a death match between a cat and pit bull in a basement and fatally shot his own pit bull named Junior.
“It has been argued that the first victims of serial killers tend to be animals,” Gioeli posted Wednesday on his blog “Tommy Gioeli’s Voice.”
The fish belonged to someone named “Cheesy Pat” and were allegedly offed by Calabro pouring an unknown chemical into the tank.
“Dino couldn’t wait to laugh and joke with his wife about how he killed Pat’s fish,” Gioeli reports.
Calabro is currently in the witness protection program and could not be reached for comment. His lawyer did not immediately respond to a call for comment.
According to Gioeli’s version of events, the pit bull was cruelly beaten by Calabro to make it vicious and then shot after nearly killing Calabro’s brother.
“The dog became a devil dog hating everyone but Dino. . . . Dino shot the dog to death, taking revenge on the monster he created,” Gioeli wrote.
As the trial date nears, Gioeli has stepped up his Internet attacks on prosecutors, FBI agents and the witnesses.
His fate will be decided by an anonymous jury, and law enforcement sources say the gangster is trying to reach prospective jurors with his rantings.



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